Nice to meet you!

We are Matt and Kari. Two people, married at nineteen, served in ministry our married lives and then both widowed in 2015. We met, married in 2017 and are blending our family of seven kids. We are sharing our story to give hope to others. There is Beauty in your Brokenness!

About Matt and Kari

Both Matt and Kari met their spouses and got married at the young age of 19, spending their lives serving in ministry. They both went on to have children and serve God at their local churches. In August 2014, Matt moved from Florida with his wife MaryBeth and children to act as the Worship Pastor at People’s Church in Fresno, CA. Shortly after moving, Marybeth was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and was faced with aggressive treatment and an extremely difficult fight. She sadly lost the battle and passed away on July 29, 2015. Kari was serving alongside her husband Eddie at Northpointe Community Church in Fresno for 15 years. Being a part of the church with her husband and sons was a massive part of her world. On November 22, 2015, things changed dramatically for Kari and her family when Eddie suddenly passed away of a heart attack. Both families faced an incredibly devastating year in 2015, but remained true to their faith in the Lord. It was in 2016 when Matt and Kari first met over a cup of coffee and discovered the parallels in their journeys and their remarkable connection. They found love in relating to their healing and their deeply rooted faith, and on August 18, 2017, the two were wed with their combined 7 children beside them. Their story is a testament that God can take your broken pieces and create something brand new. God has given them a story that will stand the test of time and continue to inspire others seeking restoration and renewal. Now with The Family Blend, Matt and Kari are able to use their journey to help others dealing with loss, and show them that God can bring beauty from the ashes. Their story has been covered by several media outlets including Your Central Valley and North Clovis Magazine. They are now putting their faith on display as worship leaders and with their music and coffee brand dedicated to building great relationships. Their program can help families move from broken to blended. Remember, He is not finished writing your story!